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New environmental laws "the upcoming first to protect the public health in general

Date: 2015-03-01

New environmental laws will now write the general implementation of the first to protect the public health in guilin life net news (Sun Chengfeng) law in "teeth" -- a new environmental laws will come into force as of January 1, 2015, in order to make the public more relaxed, more accurate understanding of the law, on the morning of December 6, city environmental protection bureau is held in the central plaza, disambiguation answer, quizzes, and other various activities to promote the new environmental laws.
It is understood that the new environmental laws have ten big luminescent spot, provision increased from 47 to 70, 12 aspects involved, including five aspects and directly related to public participation in environmental protection, and for the first time to write "protect the public health" into the general part first. At the same time, for the first time will "information disclosure and public participation" single correctly, a lot of legal provisions to ensure the public right to know environmental information, put forward the requirement of "protect the public health", expand the scope of public welfare lawsuit main body, Ming JuBaoQuan cut the citizens and the protection of whistle-blowers, has the stronger enforceability and maneuverability, grow a tooth, "".
New environmental laws ten window:
To end illegal costs and improve enterprise with no eia, dark tube drainage, forge over-reporting, not cooperate with regulatory and other illegal main body can be arrested immediately.
U for illegal enterprises investigation dynamics. Administrative detention, resigned, regional limit mandatory punishment means such as batch also incorporated in the environmental law.
U increase the public welfare lawsuit main body, has been clear about the public shall have the right of access to environmental information, participation and supervision of the right of environmental protection.
Taken the environment supervision organization should have administrative coercive power, clarify the legal status of the environmental watchdog for the first time.
Taken the new environmental new health assessment, reflected the attaches importance to the influence of environment on human health.
U give the public more realistic operational rights, for the first time put forward to protect whistleblowers, protect the lawful rights and interests of the person.
Taken to protect key ecological function areas delineated the red line, the red line to ecological protection into legislation for the first time.
Taken the atmospheric pollution control to make specific provisions on the fog haze, etc, improve the punishment according to the standard of air pollution.
To end the law for the first time new eia, more clearly the specification the responsibility of the government and the enterprises.
U emphasize the citizen as an individual participation in environmental protection obligations, first proposed the citizen shall be selected to low carbon, frugal lifestyle.