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The seventh of guangxi agricultural SEC Organic food occupy half

Date: 2014-12-09

The seventh of guangxi agricultural SEC Organic food occupy half of guilin life webex (Sun Chengfeng) "oh, how nice of ganoderma lucidum bonsai, see for the first time in her life!" Keep of very hard, "giant salamander, do not know to have how many years can a so big!" . On December 9, on the morning of the 7th products of agricultural products trade fair exhibition center opening in guilin in guangxi, a meat thick LiPuYu, orange yellow, orange, fragrant flavor, health tea, delicious coveted various LaWei let whole agriculture rendezvous scene jollification, explore business opportunities of the purchaser, and citizens to visit the exhibition, they taste the fresh fruits and vegetables, or to negotiate or communicate with exhibitors.
"The bacon good good, boss, the bacon for sale? How much is a kilo?" Luchuan surnamed lu's aunt in yulin city exhibition after tasting the merchants try to eat bacon said: "it's really good, the New Year, immediately there is to eat slowly. I have to buy some home" And in guilin in the guangxi area, 50 yuan a pair of control in a sale conducted within 15 minutes and empty, businesses face to purchase the crowd shouted: "today the control had been sold out, the exhibition has five days, we will continuous replenishment, try to meet the needs of people." .
Exhibit on the meeting, municipal area in addition to vigorously promote the green environmental protection safe food, organic food has become the key to launch a around the city, occupy almost half of the booth. Wuzhou area of organic rice, although more expensive than the rice market more than doubled, but also got the favour of the general public. Nanning, liuzhou exhibition galleries of hot wood six fort tea, yulin area bacon products, fangcheng port area of sea duck eggs, hechi area of big fruit, hawthorn, baise bamboo sheng products exhibition, guilin area how to eat delicious organic vegetables, and so on, each exhibit all crowds, trading, extremely busy during business.
According to introducing, this exhibition is a total of nearly 1000 enterprises exhibitors, the exhibition of agricultural products including grain, oil, fruit, vegetables, livestock and poultry, egg, milk, aquatic products and processed products such as more than 3000 kinds. Will roll over to the end of December 13, citizens free exhibition and purchase of agricultural products.