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12 it will become more and more cold Expected to winter 15 zhuhai in the future

Date: 2014-12-09

Guilin life webex (guilin daily Qin Zixia Correspondent Tang Yi) on Sunday to zhuhai celebrated lunar solar term of "snow", but the warm sun can't these days with snow. Yesterday, the reporter understands from the city meteorological station, after a brief warm, affected by a strong cold air, the temperature will gradually drop, is expected to 15 in the future, people can hear the footsteps of winter.
Nearly two days of good weather to zhuhai city daytime temperature above 10 ℃. Yesterday afternoon, many citizens in good weather also enjoying the sunshine. After 10, but the meteorological department said, the cold air is expected to affect the city, the temperature will further slow down. 12, with a sharp decline in temperature, it will become more and more cold, is expected to 15 days, can winter.
Weather experts said that although on the twenty-four solar terms, our country has entered the snow solar term, but in meteorology, standards of winter is below the daily average temperature 10 ℃ for five consecutive days. So, in the warm south of guilin, now has not yet reached the standard of winter. And a new round of cold air whether can open guilin winter doors and will have to see the specific strength of cold air. , however, the expert warns a citizen, the snow after the solar terms, the temperature will increasingly cold, as the temperature gradually reduce, susceptibility to colds, bronchitis, respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, everybody must according to reasonable changes in the weather add clothes. At the same time, diets rich in protein, vitamins, and easy to digest food, such as beef, lamb, etc., help to improve the body's immune ability, promote metabolism, improve the phenomenon of chills.
Small link: snow, is the 21 solar term in 24 solar terms, time is of the Gregorian calendar every year December 7 or 8, and hai power calendar month end and the start of the child month; When sees the sun arrived at longitude 255 degrees. Snow mean the weather is colder, the possibility of snow have bigger than when light snow, does not refer to the snowfall must be very big, on the contrary, the snow around after precipitation are further reduced.