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Is expected in the coming week zhuhai maple tree ginkgo tree color will one day gorgeous and dazzing

Date: 2014-12-08

Guilin life webex (guilin evening news reporter Qin Yuhua), according to the meteorological department is expected to downtown today, the highest temperature 15 ℃, the lowest temperature is 10 ℃, won't let a person feel very cold. Tomorrow, a weak cold air will arrive in our city, but it will not bring obvious temperature and rainfall. City bureau of parks and woods garden experts told reporters that the temperature, the most suitable for the leaves change color.
Garden, experts say, in the day and night temperature of 9 ℃ to 17 ℃ weather vane are most likely to accumulate a high concentration of anthocyanins, discoloration speed was the fastest. Now, guilin urban district is in the temperature range, the next a considerate half a month of time, you will clearly feel the maples, ginkgo tree around from day to day color is gorgeous and dazzing.
So, while today is not too cold, you can go out and look for guilin street rich color.