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Zhuhai "international volunteer day" theme of volunteer service activities

Date: 2014-12-08

Zhuhai "international volunteer day" theme of volunteer service activities Guilin life webex (guilin daily reporter jiera) 29 December 5 is "international volunteer day". 7 in the morning, the city spiritual civilization office and pku in guilin city center square in the 2014 "international volunteer day" theme of volunteer service activities, from the public security, colleges and universities, financial, such as the maritime industry and civil more than 30 of the volunteer team of more than 600 volunteers, with square publicity and love yizhen, legal consultation, such as form, to celebrate their own festival.
At half past nine in the morning, the weather was cold, but the industry associations of enthusiastic volunteers. They have set the information desk, pull the banner, prepared data, in various forms serve the general public. Guilin legal information desk busy all the volunteers association, more than 10 lawyer volunteers busy provide citizens with civil, criminal, and administrative aspects of marriage legal advice. Guilin tour guide association WuYun recently heard many times guided by deduction, a cause with "how rights according to law", she get the satisfactory answer from legal volunteers. "Our association set up 10 years, at present registered volunteers more than 300 people, of which more than 50 professionals engaged in the work of law." City legal volunteer association secretary-general liu Juan is introduced, they through the BBS, QQ, phone, book, law lectures and practical legal aid, provide the public with legal advice and other legal services and legal knowledge popularization and promotion.
Guilin student federation's desk has also been a lot of attention. "Honest, I also hope to become a part of it." Citizens Tang Juan after learning that the federation was founded three years, the volunteers visited more than 110 schools, surveyed more than 400 students, improved the teaching conditions of 40 schools, nearly 200 people, help poor students after the donation of 3 million yuan, expressed his wish to join association. Zhao Yinfeng, vice chairman of the federation said: "compared with mountainous area child's reality needs, we feel inadequate and pressing, poverty alleviation, assistance, repair buildings, spiritual and other kinds of educational public welfare projects to be carried out, welcome more people to join our love, together for the children, the school in the mountainous area to the best of a heart, a force."
Guilin medical college "lei feng supermarket" volunteers came to the central square, also to provide citizens and tourists in winter warm disease prevention and health fitness consultation. According to understand, guilin medical college "supermarket" lei feng "to send care for health" into the community has been established, "sunrise and the sunset with CDH" love empty nester, "4:30 class", "first aid and save your knowledge into campus" 4 volunteer team, lead and organize the teachers and students volunteer service activities for a long time.
Reporter learned from the city civilization office that at present the city has more than 2000 various types of social volunteer service organizations, more than 150000 registered volunteers, environmental protection, against poverty, love, gifts, urban management, large-scale exhibition services such as vigorously abundant volunteer activities in the city.
"Have time to do volunteer, have difficulty looking for volunteers, common to build guilin international tourism resort, make contributions to building beautiful guilin." Pku vice minister of the propaganda department, the city youth volunteer association secretary general Jiang Lei said, we call for more people to join the ranks of volunteers, giving their love.