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Since this year the city economic development overview: stability of into stability is positive in the optimal stability

Date: 2014-12-08

Guilin life webex (guilin daily reporter Xu Yingbo) since this year, in the face of great pressure of economic downturn at home and abroad, the our city to carry out the party's mass line education practice as an opportunity to firm regulation "four winds", and further transform government functions, improve office efficiency, create a good investment soft environment. At the same time, in the construction of guilin international tourism resort of dongfeng, seize opportunities, the pressure, the initiative as, the city's economy to achieve sustained steady growth. According to preliminary statistics, municipal bureau of statistics, in the first three quarters of this year, the city's gross area is 106.182 billion yuan, up 7.7%; The city complete of investment in fixed assets 103.261 billion yuan, up 17.3% from a year earlier. After entering the fourth quarter, the city's economy continued to maintain stability, stability is the best, of stability for the better.
Administrative examination and approval "in the"
In carry out the party's mass line education practice activities, the municipal party committee, municipal government targeted to carry out the project and the enterprise operation service, focus on solving a batch of significant projects investment, examination and approval, be born, propulsion, built the outstanding problem of cracking a batch of project owner and the masses strongly prominent problem, real results have been achieved. To do service work, the city has also set up a major item on batch of "green channel", implemented leadership contact services system, key top 20 top priority and 36 major projects.
In June this year, the municipal government issued the "guilin" in the "style of administrative examination and approval efficiency construction implementation plan", minimize administrative examination and approval matters, maximize the completed in time limit was shortened, and the implementation that do pieces immediately transferred, promised to accept immediately, all examination and approval matters to achieve optimum program, link the minimalist, shortest time limit, the highest efficiency. , positive action, and the city department strict controls of new administrative licensing, comprehensive standardized services, to speed up the administrative examination and approval, optimize the environment of e-government. At the end of July, the city administrative examination and approval system reform leading group office carry out the first batch of 134 "immediately transferred to the examination and approval matters, and through the media to publish to the society, accept social supervision. In November, the city and held "major items of administrative examination and approval in the centralized service enterprise" activities, the examination and approval department for the first time will be a major project owner please door-to-door service, 22 major project owners to solve problems for 45, solve the problem of 24, 11 items of examination and approval.
To enhance the efficiency of the examination and approval, to further improve the investment environment of guilin, the city "big investment", "recruit merchants", for big strong momentum record, major projects, and signed news good news to say: the total investment is 5 billion yuan of guilin high-tech wanda plaza project, with a total investment of 30 billion yuan can treasure, phoenix city tourist town and treasure, to celebrate, project, investment of 25 billion yuan of poly group is a comprehensive cultural tourism consumption center project, investment of 11 billion yuan of guilin onstar sea port project, general investment of 3 billion yuan of guilin airport projects... "Blockbuster" project went to guilin in succession, make urban development more tension, people also make life more hope.
According to the data provided by the city investment promotion bureau, in the first three quarters of this year, the city of new sign outside in project 264, new signing the project total investment 44.07 billion yuan, up 34.59% from a year earlier.
The opening of a through train Being a good enterprise "nanny"
In project and enterprise service operation, how to make the project, the enterprise can easily, to retain and develop smoothly, is guilin policy makers have been thinking of problem. This year, the city focus on institutional guarantee, to transform function, improve efficiency, create a good atmosphere for the project construction.
On August 10, municipal party committee, municipal government issued the guilin system of key industrial enterprises through train service. "System" is put forward, the city leaders regularly to enterprise in-depth research visit counterpart, understand enterprise operation and development, in a timely manner to help enterprises solve practical problems and coordination; Companies to contact leadership on a regular basis on the production and operation situation, put forward the major issue, ask for instructions to the enterprise contact leadership put forward concrete opinions and Suggestions; Symposium, a key industrial enterprises, head of the city leaders and all related functional departments to participate, summary analysis through train running status of service system construction, and of listen to enterprises to accelerate the development, the opinions and Suggestions to improve the service.
The system for more than three months, led by city leaders contact 35 key industrial enterprises, key counties leadership relate this jurisdiction key industrial enterprises, close-fitting service for enterprises, timely grasp and solve difficult problems in enterprise production and management, project construction. All relevant functional departments to determine the contact enterprise communication and liaison, as well as to understand and grasp the enterprise feedback information and situation; Companies also in a timely manner to contact city leaders and functions on the production and operation situation.
Mayor of the city also regularly held "Open Day" activity, in order to solve a batch of municipal construction enterprises, the production and business operation, land, capital, distress sorrow problems such as traffic, to further strengthen the city governments at all levels and functions of the service concept, improve the efficiency of service enterprises, broaden the service channel, optimize the environment of economic development, become the government's new service enterprise brand and a "gold card".
At present, the shortage of funds has become a bottleneck restricting the development of zhuhai companies. For this reason, the our city specially established ZhengYinQi interactive communication platform, the city's committee, the municipal financial departments held once every quarter regular government departments, financial institutions and industrial enterprise of ccpit, to reinforce the fact cooperation, expand the financial services, efforts to break the small and medium-sized enterprises' financing difficulties, financing your problem.
After efforts, the city's industrial production kept fast growth, corporate profits continue to increase. Statistics show that in the first three quarters of this year, the city's industrial complete industrial output value 135.645 billion yuan, up 10.1% from a year earlier.
Borrows the resort construction Create "guilin"
Advancing along with the development of guilin international tourism resort construction, relevant policy dividend is to speed up the release: the ministry of land and resources approval "guilin tourism industry land reform pilot overall plan", agree to guilin tourism industry land reform work, guilin become the first pilot cities; Guilin lijiang scenic area overall planning, wisdom urban construction