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Guilin youth volunteer service of five projects won national silver medal

Date: 2014-12-07

Guilin life webex (guilin evening news reporter Zhou Wenqiong) yesterday, reporter learned from pku, the first Chinese youth volunteer service project competition recently concluded in guangzhou, the city longsheng assistive action "sunshine full door" project, the student union in guilin "new 1001 nights -- rural resident student bedtime story" public welfare projects, public health hut project in guilin, guangxi normal university orphans --, special Olympics movement love the 16th services, guangxi normal university graduate student ZhiJiaoTuan "small skillful craftsman" -- left-behind children hand workshop project, five youth volunteer service projects won national silver medal.
According to the relevant person in charge of pku, of all ethnic groups in longsheng autonomous county of "sunshine full door" assistive action, 51 college students volunteer to take "one to one, more of a" form of pairing of local 300 disabled youth, to carry out family training for the disabled, disabled auxiliary equipment donations, "warm winter" warm package distribution, related persons with disabilities act popularization activities, help the disabled healthy growth, equal participation in social life.
"New 1001 nights -- rural resident student bedtime story" public welfare projects focus on rural resident students spiritual growth, in the state, after the lights out each night children live to hear a bedtime story, select 1001 set, recorded by a professional announcer, touched the hearts of the children with the method of the story, to help them exercise stimulates the imagination, focus, build character, improve reading interest, etc.
Public welfare project is from the community worker health hut of volunteer service, the self-help check-up, health services and mental management and so on free medical care to the community around the old man.
Love the baton of guangxi normal university --, special Olympics movement service project is love, intellectual disabilities in normal tissue, guided by its part in the sports, to make intellectual disabilities enhance physical ability development intelligence, improve the ability of social activities.
It is understood that the contest sponsored by the mass of the central, 38 games unit TuiBao 1524 project, the early after the primaries, communicate to select 505 projects displayed in guangzhou.